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1. Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Navli (SSGN) The promoting Trust
1.1 Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Navli (SSGN) is a registered public trust with registration number E-1583 /Anand dtd. 7th October 1980. It is being led by Swaminarayan Sect Saint, Reverend Shastriji Shree Ghanshyamprkasdasji Swami as Managing Trustee.

1.1.1 Reverend Shastriji Shree Ghanshyamprkasdasji Swami is the spiritually enlightened saint who is the guiding spirit behind all the benevolent activities of the trust. Shastriji  also spearheads the movement of serving society through Kandari Gurukul”, near Por on National Highway No.8 between Baroda and Bharuch.

1.2.2 The Trust has following broad objectives:

To facilitate and encourage  all the classes of the society, irrespective of any distinction as to caste, creed and religion in the spread of education
To start and develop all the Institutions meant for the betterment of knowledge in community
To start activities for helping the poor and needy students from all the communities irrespective of caste, creed and religion
1.2.3  The trust already runs a Gujarati medium school from Std.5 to 10 since 1994 over 15 years.

  1.3 In conclusion, The Trust is being led by an enlightened spiritual Guru working with the self-less noble motive of serving the humanity. The group of Trustees is a mix of saints from Swaminarayan sect and alert individuals from Navli Village. This takes care of the right balance of spirituality and worldly astuteness. The trust has experience, capability and motivation to establish, develop and manage multi-faceted educational complexes.???????