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SSP plan to provide our students all round development and add dimension to their personality. This would be done by exposing them to various activities that would include games such as tennis, basketball, cricket, football and hockey as well as nature trails, obstacle race and performing arts.
Their responsibilities would include:

1. Coach Management:

Providing well-trained and motivated coaches for the various sports disciplines who will try to ensure that children wil  have fun while they develop fitness and skills.

2. Manage the Sports & Physical Education program at SSP including

Running the PE sessions based on a scientific, systematic     year-round, age-group wise plan Organizing specific events like:

    a. inter-class sports events (once a year for 4 sports)
    b. inter-school sports events (once a year for 4 sports)
    c. sports day (once a year)
    d. parents v/s teachers matches (one day a year)

3. Identifying talented kids and working on a suitable     program (specialised training, fitness regimen,     checking for sponsor interests etc)

4. Coaching school teams for inter-school events.

5. Creating coaching programs and fitness regimens.

6. Organise travel tours for school sports teams.